Who’s got your back

Keith Ferrazzi is the author of “Never eat alone” a book I liked very much. Also a book I recommended several times in the past to others. Not that it is rocket science what Keith is writing there, no it is more a summary of all things important in dealing with people, networking, moving forward. A summary of elements that you will recognize, at least when you are on the journey of your career for a while already, a summary bringing it all back in perspective again and reminding you of many important relational, networking elements that might have slipped in your attention.

Keith now is launching his new book “Who’s got your back” which will be available on May 19. Who’s got your back seems even more focused on the essence of networking, as nobody can do it alone. It is a program “to build deep, trusting relationships that create success – and won’t let you fail“. Have a look at the the links above or announcement video below and decide for yourself, I will put this book on my Read/Review list

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