Tools I use

This is a list of tools for business I use. Each tool comes with a link for your convenience to quickly find out more. Some of these links are affiliate links, in other words I earn a little when you sign up for the tools I use, without you paying more! In some cases the referral link even let’s us both benefit when you sign up.

Evernote Evernote is perhaps the most important tool for my business. It is my digital archive, todo list, memory, library, well basically it is my digital everything. All documentation about my business is in Evernote and I collaborate in Evernote Notebooks with my team. Whenever I run into something that I want to safe for later I clip it to Evernote, either by using the webclipper in my browser or by simply taking a photo or a note and store it for later. One of the neat things about Evernote is the full text index. It allows me to search on any word in my notebooks and even when text appears on images it is searchable!
Evernote Essentials Brett Kelly wrote Evernote Essentials, a book that covers really all you can do with Evernote. The book provided me some great tools on how to use some specific Evernote functions. And I am not the only one who think this is a great resource. After he wrote the book Brett Kelly was hired by Evernote.
Wishlist Member Wishlist Member is the tool I use to create the Alliance Mastery Academy membership website. It allows me to control who sees what and when. In other words I can make sure that each member level sees the content and enjoys the benefits that belong to their level.
MailChimp MailChimp is the software I use to manage the subscriber list to the Alliance Weekly mailinglist and send the weekly emails and follow up emails. When you use the link to sign up for MailChimp you will receive a $30 credit to your new account!
websynthesis-logo-300x75 Synthesis hosting is the hosting company of Copyblogger. They are very customer focussed and deliver excellent hosting performance
websynthesis-logo-300x75 The Studiopress Executive Pro Theme for WordPress powers the website and provides the nice user experiences you see
wordpress-logo-hoz-rgb WordPress is the backend for my website, from, hosted by Synthesis
dropbox Dropbox is an excellent tool to share files with your team or even with your alliance partners. It works cross all platforms and whenever a teammember updates a file it automatically appears on your PC, MAC, mobile, tablet, etc. too. The nice thing about the Dropbox link is that when you sign up using this link we will both receive another 500 Mb free storage on the Dropbox service.
elance Elance is the place for me to find team members. Whether I simply need a project done or looking for a long lasting team member Elance is the place where I find them. So far I have hired text editors, web designers, translators, audio editors and sound artists through Elance.
elance Hootsuite is the tool to maintain several social media networks in one single dashboard. Allows for scheduled postings to several networks. And in the light of collaboration: it allows for multiple users for your social media accounts!
Backblaze is an excellent backup tool. It works in the background on my Mac and every month I receive a status update on what is backed up. Using the link when you sign up will give us both a free month of backup.