The successful 6 step approach for strategic alliances

How are you doing with your alliances and partnerships?

In the summer I released the first version of my eBook “An introduction to the successful 6 step approach for strategic alliances“. The eBook has been downloaded quite a lot and I received some great feedback. Based on the feedback an updated eBook is now available for download. Click here to download it right now.

Some of the feedback indicated that people recognized the challenges as described in the eBook. Challenges in understanding what an alliance is, how wide the spectrum can be and how to position it properly in their own organizations.This feedback has also led to the development of the e-coaching program.

The eBook is merely an introduction into the six steps towards successfully creating and managing alliances. During the alliance mastery workshops we spend a whole day working the six steps of the alliance lifecycle. The steps that one needs to know to successfully manage alliances and partnerships. At the end of the workshop you will be ready to apply for the ASAP CA-AM exam if you are looking to become a certified alliance professional. Find out more about the workshops here and the online program here.

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