Recently I ran into a new report on strategic alliances by Business Advancement Inc. The report “Building Powerful Strategic Alliances: How Companies of All Sizes Can Increase Their ROI” provides insights from a study conducted among senior executives of companies ranging in size from under $1 million to over $1 billion in revenue.

Path to successThe report shows a couple of trends that will be recognizable for most of us in alliances. Trends that show a continuing rise in the importance of strategic alliances, whereas the impact for small companies will even be greater. Nearly 40% of the alliances over the past three years did not meet the expectations of the senior executives involved in the study. With a rise of the importance of alliances this number is clearly too high and hence the report includes some recommendations to close the gap and improve alliance results.

Again also these recommendations may not be new for most of us working in alliances. It includes for instance the recommendation to distinguish alliance relationships from other relationships. When you are working in alliances you know that your work is different from transactional relationships and when you have read my eBook you will recognize that even within the alliance spectrum different forms of alliances exist. A channel alliance for instance will have different characteristics than a co-development alliance and will hence ask for a different way of management. Although similarities exist and best practices can be applied, as long as they are adjusted to the specific alliance situation you are involved in and adjusted to the particularities or pragmatism of your organization.

Reading this report after launching the Alliance Mastery 7-week e-coaching program makes me realize the similarity between the two. This report highlights a number of elements that may not be new to the reader, but the elements are good to reiterate in order to re-apply the belonging best practices. The e-coaching program dives into 7 topics that you should be aware of and have implemented as an alliance professional. Seven topics that are applicable across alliances in every industry and in every element of the alliance spectrum. The power of the program is that it will help you refresh the theory and apply the assignments to optimize your alliances and the beauty is that it all can be done within approximately one hour per week. Results guaranteed. You can read the details about the 7-week e-coaching program here and download the report from Business Advancement Inc. here on their website.

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