Day 1: The Pyrenees

Made a beautiful trip over the Pyrenees today. The route Napoleon was open and quite doable. Only some very high stages were covered with snow and we had to wad through. After my first stop at Orisson I met with a small group of a Danish guy and a English lady with her daughter. We walked all the way up together and on down to the refugio. A nice company on the Camino. This seemed to have been one of the hardest legs of the Camino and still it was beautiful and well doable.





2 Responses to “Day 1: The Pyrenees”

  1. Gianluca Marcellino

    Hi Peter, great to know one of the difficult legs has gone. Even happier to see you are traveling with a very, very compact backpack.

    How will you be feeling now (18th April), few days down the road? I do believe you will be feeling better day by day for a few, unless you are extremely well trained and rested at the start.

    Looking forward to reading more, buon cammino

    • Peter Simoons

      Hi Gianluca,

      Today was completely different indeed. Together with my new friend Camino buddies I walked 34 km today, we crossed Pamplona and are now enjoying the Pilgrim menu in our Auberge. The pack will become even slimmer as I already identified some stuff to send home for about another kilogram out of the pack. Will post later on the blog today.

      Regards, Peter