The power of the value proposition

“And what have you learned?” was a question that was asked to me by one of the attendees last Friday in the final round of a two day in-house workshop. An interesting question and right to the point. One of the great things of facilitating the CA-AM Alliance Mastery workshops (click to read more about the workshops) is the fact that every workshop I learn a little bit more myself. Even though every workshop follows the same format the group of attendees is different every time and hence brings different experiences. These experiences provide often different input and viewpoints on the cases and material we discuss. This time it made me realize the power of the value proposition again, not only at the beginning of an alliance, but also during it’s lifetime.

As you know, the alliance value proposition needs to consist of a clear three way win. It will need to add value for your partner, your own organization and most importantly for the customer of the alliance. Normally you will work on the three way value proposition at the beginning of the alliance. What we discussed last week in the workshop is that the value proposition will also be an excellent tool to continuously communicate the value of the alliance internally. Continuously and not just at the beginning of the alliance. In case you might for instance have people in your organization who do not believe in the alliance you use it to clarify the importance of the alliance. You can even create a special version of the value proposition, a version with an additional angle to it that will also show to these people very focussed what the value for them or their department will be. With these additional angles the value proposition will be an even more powerful [communication] tool and can be used throughout the lifetime of an alliances.

The second half of this month will for me be fully in the light of the further exiting development and launch of the Alliance Mastery program, as described last week. You can read a bit more on the forthcoming self study in last Friday’s blog post on the website (click to read the blogpost) and more information on the membership program will follow shortly. So, stay tuned, more information coming soon through the newsletter and the blog!

Have a great week!