The balancing act of theory and practice

How do you balance theory and practice?

A while ago I was involved in an assignment where I was guiding the business units of a large organization in their alliance endeavours. A role that offered me a great opportunity to practice again what I normally preach in my workshops and hence an opportunity to rebalance my theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

The role also brought back some obvious aha moments: It made me realize once again that best practices in alliance management are there for a reason! In earlier situations alliance managers had already learned their lessons and evaluated those into best practices: what works and what should better be avoided. These lessons were captured in best practices books and whitepapers. Best practices that you are supposed to know when preparing for the ASAP CA-AM professional certification exam. Hence best practices that are part of the Alliance Mastery workshop.

This workshop prepares the participant for the CA-AM certification exam and teaches the skills needed and best practices for alliance management. In the feedback of the previous workshops, people expressed their appreciation for balancing their practical skills with some theoretical knowledge again.

How about you, how do you balance theory and practice? Is it time for an update again?