The annual report

Last Friday I received an email containing the annual report of my website. My website is based on WordPress technique and I was pleasantly surprised to see WordPress creating unexpected added value with summarizing the statistics of my website in such a report.  It showed me some nice to know facts like the fact that visitors from 128 countries came to my site and that I generated 112 new articles, which is about one article every 3 days. The most interesting part of the report was perhaps seeing the top 3 of most read articles in 2012 on the website. And if so many people feel that these articles are worth reading I felt it is worth sharing them with you again:

  1. The number 1 spot is an article from March 2011, with the title “What makes an alliance manager?” where I briefly touched upon the skill set alliance managers need to have.
  2. The next one is about the role of the alliance manager. Guided by an anonymous customer example the article dives into the role of a strategic alliance professional.
  3. The final spot in the top 3 is taken by an article about an example of a strategic alliance that is very close to my hearth: I am using my own alliance with Phoenix Consulting group to explain a small business alliance example.

The idea of an annual report is very well known from a financial perspective and we see it more and more from a social responsibility perspective. And now WordPress is adding the website perspective to it.

Another very interesting perspective for an annual report is to create an annual alliance & partnership report. This annual report is a very powerful tool to apply to your alliances & partnerships. You can write one for your overall alliance & partnership program or for each alliance specifically. Creating such a report will bring the need to do an evaluation of the work done in the past year to gather the data needed for the report. Doing so may bring elements for improvement to the limelight that you yet may be unaware of. A second benefit is that it will generate a piece of communication that can be used to actively (re-)engage with stakeholders in both your and your partner’s organizations. Thirdly discussing the report in an upcoming alliance management meeting will help to create a common understanding of the state of the alliance, ready for joint improvements.

An annual alliance report turns into a powerful alliance improvement tool!

I know it will be a lot of work for which you may not have been looking forward to do so. The good news for your workload is that this work is probably best done when outsourced to an external party anyway. Let them do the analysis of your alliances & partnerships in 2012 and create a report with findings and recommendations. After all this is not meant to be a “feel good” report; you want an objective view that can help you improve your performance with your alliance(s) and partnership(s).

Let’s talk!

Have a great week!