The Alliance Mastery self study system

As mentioned before I am in Heidelberg at the moment for an in-house alliance workshop at an IT firm. Yesterday was a day with great interaction, good discussions among the participants. Today we will work some actual cases of the firm to look into applying the theory of yesterday to their actual situation.

In last Monday’s newsletter I made already mention of a self study that is forthcoming. A study that will allow you to prepare for the CA-AM professional certification examination without the need to travel to a workshop location. Unfortunately that will also mean that you will have to miss out on the great discussions that always happen during the workshops and that will allow the attendees to learn from each others experience. We will bridge that by combining the self study with weekly coaching calls that will enable joint feedback and conversation with your virtual classmates. In addition online conversations about the course can take place using online discussion forums.

I am pretty excited about this new product, which is a joint development with Phoenix Consulting Group. Over the past years I have had numerous requests from people that would like to attend a workshop to prepare for the CA-AM examination but could not, or were not allowed, to travel for a workshop. Now we have a workshop model that will bridge the travel gap while maintaining the same quality with maximum interactivity.

Currently we are in review mode of the program. The content review is almost done and then the language review needs to be done. As you may have noticed English is not my first language and hence some grammar checking is required to improve readability.

I hope to be able to open pre-sale for the study next week and open up for the first class by the end of July. So stay tuned, if you are on the mailing list you will automatically be notified and otherwise it might be a good moment to leave your details in the boxes in the upper right corner of this website and also you will receive automatic notification when the study releases.

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