The Alliance Mastery program

Last week in the Alliance Weekly I wrote about a set of new services that will be launching this July, all within the focus to help you be an awesome alliance professional. I already revealed that it would be about alliances and personal development. This little pre-announcement create some questions from readers. So even though launch date is still a little ahead of us let see if I can reveal a little more: What would you say about a program that will help you develop your alliance skills when it is most convenient for you? In your preferable format and location: in a classroom, from your couch or behind the computer. Wouldn’t that be convenient?

Alliance Mastery is the name of the new program that will offer that level of convenience. It is a program that will consist of classroom workshops, an online membership program and a home study system. All with focus on strategic alliance skills development, to help you increase your success with strategic alliances and be an awesome alliance professional.

The classroom workshop is familiar to many of you. It will help the participant prepare for the ASAP CA-AM professional certification exam. The next open workshop for the second half of 2012 is scheduled and open for registration. See this link for more information and benefit from the early registration discount!

I am pretty exited about the two new components to the Alliance Mastery program, the home study system and the online education membership program. The home study system will launch later this month. Also this system will help you prepare for the CA-AM exam. As the first of its kind in alliances it will have the benefits that you no longer have to travel for your education and that you can prepare at your most convenient time and location. The difference with the classroom workshops will obviously be in the level of interaction that will be possible with your classmates. To enable that interactivity the system will have online components and coaching calls included.

The online education membership program will launch late July and will offer various options, also connecting the home study system and classroom workshops to online sharing and collaboration.

So stay tuned for more information about the full Alliance Mastery program!

Have a great week!

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