The Alliance Conversation with Anoop Nathwani

That collaborative thinking and working from an alliance perception can be applicable to many kind of relations shows this week’s Alliance Conversation with Anoop Nathwani. After being involved with a number of successful alliances over the past 13 years Anoop was recently asked to switch over to the department in Nokia that handles supplier relationships. These departments are traditionally to a lesser extent focussed on creating collaborative interests. See there Anoop’s challenge to lead a transformation from customer controlled supplier relations into collaborative relations.

In this conversation we talk about skills required for collaborative relationships and we will hear that these skills are required on both sides of the relationship and how they are equally applicable for supplier side relationships as for alliances. Also the benefits for having a focus on collaborative relationship rather than the traditional supplier relations will be highlighted in this episode.

Listen to my conversation with Anoop Nathwani: you can download the file, subscribe in iTunes.

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