Social media: Tailor the message for each individual platform?

Within the current social media landscape it is quite easy to connect every platform to share messages across all platforms. Even when the platform provider does not provide a way to connect there are often third party tools that will allow for easy sharing of status messages anyway.

In my setup Twitter basically is the backbone. When I see an article of interest on the web I write about it and share it on Twitter, when I write an article on my blog it will automatically be shared with a short link on Twitter. Subsequently these tweets are then being pushed to other platforms and will appear on Facebook, LinkedIn, Ecademy, Hyves and maybe some more locations. It is easy and you are present everywhere.

Now the question for this article, and I would love to read your input in the comments, is it the right setup to have the same message everywhere? Every platform will have it’s own purpose and users, hence should one tailor the messages per platform. For instance on LinkedIn the corporate focussed messages, on Ecademy the messages tailored for business people, on Facebook the lighter kind of messages and on Hyves messages for my kids? I know I am exaggerating the positioning of these platforms but you will get the point.

I think for both approaches something can be said. In my case I have a congruent appearance on every platform and I think for me that is a good approach. The brand of my company is strongly build on me as a person, separating business and personal messages do not make much sense from that perspective. After all what is a personal brand without the personal touch? Still I am thoughtful in what I post, it needs to be in line with the image that I want my brand to represent.

For some organizations it may make sense to tailor the message. A large corporation with a well known brand selling consumer goods will send out different messages to a platform focussed on younger children than a platform focussed on the individual professional. Some brands simply have to be only on a few of the platforms as a brand, for instance on Facebook, and will as a brand stay away from other platforms with other purposes, like LinkedIn.

What is your strategy and what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments: Should every message be similar on every platform or should also the smaller businesses tailor their messages to the separate social networks?

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