Social Media is for many people related to person to person communication and with that implicitly connected to business to consumer marketing. With Social Marketing to the Business Customer Paul Gillin and Eric Schwartzman discuss the business to business use of social media. They acknowledge that social media is about person to person communication and that indeed business to business marketing is about person to person communication too. In the USA alone every year about $80 billion is spent on business to business (B2B) marketing and some $3 billion of that is spent online. Schwartzman and Gillin foresee  a compound growth rate of 12% through 2013 for B2B marketing and 21% for the social media spending. Added to these figures the fact that 81% of B2B companies have company related social media profiles versus 67% of the business to consumer (B2C) companies makes it an interesting market to highlight in a special B2B book. Schwartzman and Gillin take a step by step approach in the book guiding the reader through the journey of B2B social marketing. With that explaining why B2B companies should enter the space of social marketing and showing how to do it. Many examples of successful organizations and campaigns in B2B social marketing are being used to explain the steps that need to be taken. In the four-step process Schwartzman and Gillin describe rightfully so a process that starts with (business) goals and drives from there through metrics, tactics towards the tools to be used. In many cases people start the other way around, stating they need a presence on twitter, facebook, linkedin or another platform without properly connecting business goals to it. The four-step process keeps it simple and in the right order. As said the book contains a lot of examples and also a lot of links to sources for more information. It is a book well written that reads in a comfortable way with a lot of information. Somehow they packed the information in such a way that it is not overloading the reader: every case has it’s use. The processes and advice are contained in a way that makes you feel you will pick up the book as a reference in the near future again. I made many notes and highlights in my Kindle version of the book and am sure I will refer back to them for future lookup.