Small or large; it is a matter of focus

About two weeks ago I provided two similar Alliances Skills workshops in a row, one for 19 people and one for 3 people. The 19 people workshop was an in-house workshop for a global organization. The people in the room were all in the same global team and came from all corners of the world. The 3 people workshop was an open workshop, with attendees from 3 different European countries who never have met before. Normally 3 is too few as given the design of the workshop the ideal number is somewhere between 6 and 12. In this case we decided to continue with the workshop. We needed to adjust the program a bit as the group was too small for break out sessions and created a more private education environment.

It learned me that as long as you can adjust the format the focus defines whether a workshop will be great. In both workshops there was focus, both workshops were great, with great feedback. The large group obviously had a different focus than the small group.

With forming alliances it is the same, the methodology for small or large partnerships will be fundamentally the same. The focus defines the execution. Some elements however will need more attention in large organizations than in smaller organizations. Take governance for instance, it is clearly a different topic in a large global organization than it will be inside a SME sized organization. In both situations governance needs to have attention, one situation requires a bit more focus than the other. It is similar to many more situations you will face wether it be alliances, general work, study or even driving in traffic: focus will define a large part of the results!

Today I refreshed the Alliance Skills Mastery Workshop page on my website. The 2011 program has yet to be filled and given the design for the workshop a minimum of 6 attendees will be required. When interested please fill in the information form under registration. I can assure you, it will have my focussed attention!

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