Partnership with the Phoenix Consulting Group

I am happy to be able to announce a new addition in the Simoons & Company network as we will become a partner for the Phoenix Consulting Group providing alliance training in Europe.

Phoenix Consulting Group was founded by Norma Watenpaugh in 2002 and is a consulting group with practices and services helping companies maximize their return on relationships. Norma is a Global Board Member of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals and Chair of the Best Practices Committee, where most recently she has led the organization in developing the profession’s first Professional Certification Exam. With Phoenix Consulting Group Norma has developed an excellent set of training and workshop material educating participants in the subject of alliance and collaborative skills and preparing them for professional certification.

As part of the partnership Simoons & Company will be able to provide the Phoenix alliance workshops and training in Europe, both in an open program as through in-house organization specific workshops. More information about the open program will follow shortly. When interested to discuss the possibilities of tailored alliance education for your organization please contact me directly through phone (+31 6 1426 3593), email or use the contact form.

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