Bart Doorneweert We all know that creating alliances and partnerships is not easy. To establish them successfully we need to create a solid foundation, we need to do a partner selection and we need to have extensive conversations about how we are going to shape our partnership. This design phase of the partnership is often taken too lightly.

Bart Doorneweert is a social entrepreneur turned researcher who noticed that and felt compelled to come up with a tool that can help during the design phase of the alliance creation.

Inspired by the Business Model canvas, Bart developed the Partnership Canvas. This tool helps making the design process of the partnership tangible, or visible so you will.

In this episode of the Collaborative Business Podcast I am in conversation with Bart about the Partnership Canvas and what it can do for alliances. We might barely be scratching the surface of what the Partnership Canvas can mean for alliances.

The best way to find out is to start using the canvas in your actual alliance creation. But before you do, tune in to this episode and hear first hand from Bart what the Partnership Canvas is and why he developed it!

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