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CBP-51: Collaboration for entrepreneurs, with Amber Vilhauer Blog post Play in new window | DownloadIn the previous two episodes of the collaborative business podcast I have been looking forward to collaboration in 2015 with two long time alliance […]

The crystal ball: looking ahead into 2015 Blog post

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a crystal ball that tells us all about the future? Or not? Maybe it is not so nice to know exactly what is going […]

CBP-48: Collaborative hustling with Nick Loper Blog post Play in new window | DownloadMy guest today in the collaborative business podcast is Nick Loper, who – as he describes himself – helps people earn money outside of […]

Reflection and 2015 goals: personal leadership Blog post

Happy 2015! Five years ago I left the corporate world to start my own company. These five years in business have brought me a lifetime lesson in entrepreneurship. It has […]

CBP-42: A collaborative leader – with Alex Cameron Blog post Play in new window | DownloadTogether with his partner, Alex Cameron runs Socia, a company in the UK that helps collaborative leaders succeed in complex and challenging business environments. […]

The email excellence challenge Blog post

Personal productivity has always had my interest. I have read the books by David Allen on “Getting things done” (GTD) and I attended his seminars a couple of times. I […]

CBP-36: Extracting Value from Service-Based Alliances with Michael W. Young Blog post Play in new window | DownloadThe Life Sciences industry has been challenged over the last decade with increasing regulation, higher costs of development (a new chemical entity often costs […]

The soft skills we need for alliance relationships Blog post

Relationships are often taken for granted. However, successful relationships are hard work, regardless of the type of relationship you’re in. When you are in alliances you probably know by experience […]

Apple and IBM – Can they make 1+1 become 3? Blog post

It’s all over the inter-webs: Apple and IBM announced a strategic alliance yesterday! A bold move that brings together two companies in different areas of the ICT field. Once competitors […]

CBP-23: How a partner turns into a mentor with David Bower Blog post Play in new window | DownloadDavid Bower is the founder of “Our Memories in Motion”, a company that offers services to retain your precious memories to later. Services that […]

CBP-22: Building a Healthcare business in Africa with York Zucchi Blog post Play in new window | DownloadYork Zucchi is a Swiss entrepreneur who first worked all around the world and then moved to Africa to build Hello Healthcare. Hello Healthcare […]

CBP-21: Philips and Strategic Alliances with Cees Bijl Blog post Play in new window | DownloadBusiness collaborations exist in all kind of flavors. Today we are entering the world of strategic alliances in multinationals with Cees Bijl, who is […]

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