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How to set clear expectations in a collaboration Blog post

Collaboration is a strange thing. Most of us realize that it is important, yet many people feel that collaboration is a natural thing and that it is something we just […]

CBP-69: Alliances as a force multiplier – with Suniel Mande Blog post Play in new window | DownloadSuniel Mande is the head of Global Alliances and Partnerships at Indus Software Technologies. Founded in 1989 Indus is an enterprise software product development […]

Chasing sunsets and reflecting for success Blog post

“It feels like August” sighed the woman, while she settled down on a bench. At that moment we walked past her; we just completed a 15km walk in beautiful weather, […]

CBP-61: Growing through Outsourcing with Erlend Bakke Blog post Play in new window | DownloadErlend Bakke is an entrepreneur, owner of three companies and author of the 1# International Bestseller ‘Never Work Again’. With Erlend, we are diving into […]

Google & Uber Blog post

From BFFs to frenemies This case description of the actual Google & Uber alliance is an example of a description that you will have access to as an Academy member of […]

Can technology replace alliance management? Blog post

What do you think, can technology replace alliance management? Some will have a definitive answer to that question, however, as with many things in alliances, the answer should probably start […]

Your mid-year performance review Blog post

Did you notice that last Tuesday lasted longer than any other day? Probably you didn’t, as it was only one second that made June 30 last longer. This ‘leap second’ was introduced […]

Three benefits of coaching Blog post

How often do you look into the mirror of your own developments and how often do you assess the progress you’ve made? It will help you to gain clarity and […]

3 tips to improve communication Blog post

Sometimes people ask me for the single most reason that alliances fail. It is as if they are looking for the magical ingredient: if they have that element right then […]

Some have alliance excellence Blog post

Last week the ASAP Alliance Excellence Award winners were announced at the ASAP Global Alliance summit. Congratulations to all winners and particularly to Philips with winning the “Innovative Best Alliance […]

CBP-53: The Alliance Value Proposition Blog post Play in new window | DownloadIn the previous episodes of The Collaborative Business Podcast I have been in conversation with many guests. Most often these conversations were about their experiences […]

Who needs a coach? Blog post

Every now and then it is good to set some time aside to reflect and to look into the mirror of our own developments. However, looking in the mirror is […]

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