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The mirror of your collaborative success Blog post

How often do you look into the mirror? Every person looks at least multiple times a day in the mirror. We check our hair, our clothing, our make-up, our beard, […]

Who is the Uber of your industry? Blog post

During a lunch conversation with an alliance executive of a large corporation, we brainstormed in the broadest sense about strategic options and the question “what should your company do yourself, […]

Strategic Alliances & Partnerships

No company can go it alone Business partnerships and strategic alliances are an increasingly important strategic way to help organizations grow. In 1998 Yves Doz and Gary Hamel already wrote […]

When should you not involve legal? Blog post

It is the summer of 2003 and I am in the middle of a contract negotiation between two multinational companies. The purpose of this negotiation is to create a partnership […]

Collaboration: I vs. You and We Blog post

Last week I listened to an interview with Ron Wallace about his book “Leadership lessons from a UPS driver”, with the subtitle “delivering a culture of we, not me.” Like […]

Practice makes perfect Blog post

Last week I had a conversation with my son Laurens about the differences and similarities between sports coaching and executive coaching. Laurens started to coach the women eight competition team […]

Your Personal Investment in Business Collaborations Blog post

How personal are your business collaborations?  In this question it might seem that the words ‘personal’ and ‘business’ contradict each other. After all, business collaborations are always between businesses, or […]

Unintended offending communication Blog post

Last week I wrote about “Effective leadership behaviors” and made the parallel with the leadership behavior in the UK with regards to the Brexit development. In my newsletters and workshops, […]

Effective leadership behaviors Blog post

Over the past ten days, the news has been dominated by the Brexit developments. Whatever the outcome will be, we are witnessing a significant event in history. Countries might have […]

We don’t need a contract, we need trust Blog post

Can you have a successful collaboration without trust? I mean any collaboration: with another company, with a colleague, inside a team, with your boss or with your subordinates. Can these […]

The story behind the photo Blog post

In 2013 I took this photo just outside of Cirueña while I was on my way to Santiago de Compostela. This walk, also known as the Camino, comes back a […]

All you need to know for your strategic alliances Blog post

April 5, 2016 Alliance Workshop in Amsterdam Back in 2000, I learned the hard way how a partnership should not be created. A lot of the things I now know […]

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That's all!