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Alliance management observations Blog post

A few weeks ago I attended the 2017 Alliance Summit in London. Over a hundred people gathered to talk about alliances and listen to presenters talk about alliances. I was […]

Why you can’t communicate too much Blog post

Six weeks ago, my wife and I moved to the other side of the country. After 24 years in the same house, you’ll be surprised what you need to arrange […]

Alliances: Are you satisfied? Blog post

How satisfied are you with your alliances and your alliance partners? How satisfied are your partners with you and the alliances you are in together? You might be able to […]

What if you can’t fix a toxic team? Blog post

Business is all about collaboration, but what if you are dealing with a toxic team? A team where members look at each other when a remark is made to find […]

Is that so? Questioning your own assumptions. Blog post

“John and Alex are working on a client project together. They are not the best of friends and they have had some tensions in the past. Nowadays, they have established […]

How to organize the alliance function Blog post

One of the questions I received about the article “The benefits of a dedicated alliance function” was on how to organize such a dedicated alliance function. The best model, which […]

The 2017 summer reading list Blog post

During the summer months, the business slows down a bit for many people and organizations. Therefore, these months could be an excellent time to catch up on other tasks or […]

The benefits of a dedicated alliance function Blog post

Last week I mentioned the 80% rule of alliance success. A rule that highlights an important element for creating successful alliances: a structured alliance process. However, it is not just […]

From things to relationships at the IACCM European Conference Blog post

At the recent IACCM European Conference in Dublin I presented together with Ivo Rutten of Philips Lighting. Our story was titled “How many years does it take to change a […]

What is an alliance manager? Blog post

You might be wondering, what exactly is an alliance manager? Sometimes it is very clear what a term or job role means. When it comes to roles such as purchaser […]

Who is on your team? Blog post

Recently I wrote about how collaboration is all about you and about four elements of a collaborative mindset. Those articles show that you have an important role in a collaboration […]

Why can’t David partner with Goliath? Blog post

You have probably heard of the story of David and Goliath: the small boy David who defeats the giant Goliath. He does so not with brute force, but with a […]

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