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Small and Medium Enterprises: How do you create alliances? Blog post

Most of the examples of strategic alliances and partnership I use in my work are examples from the corporate world. Large organizations that work together with large organizations. These examples […]

7 Steps to improved Alliance success Blog post

“How do you define alliance success?” It seems like such a simple question. Doesn’t it? It is a question that always leads to a lively discussion in the Alliance Masterclasses. […]

Successful Partnerships & Strategic Alliances

Business partnerships and alliances are an increasing important strategic way to help organizations grow. In 1998 Yves Doz and Gary Hamel already wrote “No Company can go it alone” as […]

The Collaborative Business Spectrum 2.0? Blog post

The Collaborative Business Spectrum is an overview of the ways organizations can work together to achieve a result they can not achieve alone. It ranges from transactions on the left […]

Can we do business with the speed of Trust? Blog post

Monday morning, 6am in the Netherlands: the moment this newsletter was delivered to your inbox. In about three hours I will be landing in Singapore. After touch down, I will […]

Alliances and the story behind the photo

In 2013 I took this photo just outside of Cirueña in Spain, while on my way to Santiago de Compostela. This walk, also known as the Camino, comes back a […]

What is the ROI of team improvement? Blog post

Working in teams is being considered a normal thing to many people. However, it also means that we often do not give enough attention to teamwork. We take it for […]

This is how to identify peer to peer stakeholder relationships Blog post

Now that you have identified your stakeholders and assessed their level of support, it is time to map the relationships among them. When we have a clear overview of the […]

The benefits of coaching Blog post

“What do you know about that?” This is what someone asked me recently. During this dinner conversation, it felt somewhat like I was under inquisition. My conversation partner was a […]

What can you do to improve your communication? Blog post

The single most important reason why I see alliances, partnerships and other forms of collaboration fail is because of communication. Or better said, lack thereof. Lack of communication is often […]

Collaboration is the name of the game Blog post

Collaboration is the name of the game. You might have heard me say that before. Lately, I have seen an increase in the announcements of acquisitions that companies make. Apple […]

2018: Discipline equals Freedom! Blog post

Organizing Do you remember the book 4-hour Workweek?* It was initially released about ten years ago and written by Tim Ferris. The basic idea behind the book was that with […]

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