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Focus as your guiding star Blog post

Last week I had a conversation with my friend Mark about both our businesses. We particularly spoke about marketing and how to get the seats filled. For Mark on his […]

A glass half full or a glass half empty? Blog post

In a recent seminar, one of the keynote speakers shared a story about a glass half full. He picked up his glass of water and looked at the audience for […]

Emerging Ecosystems: Hype or Fact? Blog post

When you type “Ecosystems” in a Google search, the first page will be a page filled with articles directing you to nature’s form of ecosystems. However, if you look at […]

The risks of a rising interest in Alliances and Partnerships Blog post

Recently I have been seeing a rising use of the terms “alliances” and “partnerships”. To some extent, one could say that the terms are being devalued as they are used […]

Bad Communication Blog post

Last week I was asked to name a collaboration I have been in, a collaboration that worked best and why it worked best. Immediately I had to think about a […]

Successful Partnerships & Strategic Alliances Book

This book about successful partnerships and strategic alliances takes you on an introduction journey into the topic of strategic alliances. It explains why a structured approach enhances the chances for success and it gives an introduction on how best to approach these partnerships and alliances.

Slow down! Blog post

Since our move to a more rural area of the Netherlands, I have experienced a different pace of life, a more relaxed pace. It took me some time to adjust, […]

How do you ensure alliance results? Blog post

PWC, Accenture, IBM and some other consultants regularly perform CEO studies. In these studies we see a rising desire of the C-Suite to grow through partnerships and alliances. The reports […]

If you know everything in advance Blog post

Last week, my brother reminded me of something our father used to say. It goes more or less like “If you would know everything in advance, you would only need […]

Are you getting better? Blog post

In some professions, it is very easy to see if you are getting better at what you do. A decline in errors, an increase in results, the measurement might be […]

Takeaways from the European Alliance Conference Blog post

“Why are you here” was a question I faced the first day of the ASAP European Alliance Conference in Amsterdam. It is not that I questioned myself, it was someone […]

The toxic elements in your alliance and team Blog post

At the moment of writing this column, I am leaving our new house behind for a day. After we bought the house, it turned out to have asbestos in the […]

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That's all!