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Are You Ready For It? Blog post

Happy New Year! 2020 is officially over. Whether it was a positive year for you or not, we’ll all remember it as a year that made history. For the first […]

Are Alliance Managers Just “Born” That Way – Or Are They Moulded? Blog post

Recently I presented to Dr. Brian Tjemkes’ Alliances, Mergers and Networks Program at the VU University in Amsterdam. In good 2020 style, this presentation was fully online. Nevertheless it was […]

Building Personal Alliance Relationships Through Video Blog post

Whenever I speak to alliance professionals, they all agree that personal alliance relationships help to cement the performance of an alliance. Like many of you, I have spent the majority […]

New Collaborative Coaching Skills Blog post

Meet Max, our youngest and furriest family member! As an 8 week old Dutch Sheepdog puppy, Max entered our household two weeks ago. Now, I have been coaching Alliance Professionals […]

Customer-Supplier partnerships Blog post

Customer-Supplier partnerships are often sought after to improve the relationships between customers and suppliers. But is it really a partnership, or is it a label to be able to sell […]

Is Alliance Management a social profession? Blog post

You might think that alliance management is all about creating value and enabling business results. However, I might argue that alliance management is a social profession.  In the responses to […]

Value and Alliances Blog post

Value and alliances, many people talk about creating a win-win. Anoop Nathwani and Peter Simoons believe that it should be a win-win-win. Without the third win it is useless to […]

Partner Selection Blog post

In this fireside chat we talk about alliance partner selection and why it is important. We highlight why you can not simply team up with another company based on the […]

Short term disruption, long term improvement Blog post

In my last column I wrote about times of transformation. However, what we are experiencing at the moment is no longer just a transformation. In the last two weeks large […]

Alliance Governance Blog post

In our third fireside chat I talk with Anoop Nathwani about alliance governance. We discuss what it is and why it is necessary.  Also Anoop highlights an example of alliance […]

How do you measure alliances Blog post

In our second fireside chat Anoop Nathwani and I talk about how to measure alliances and alliance success. Also we go into the question why now, in the light of […]

The Importance Of Business Partnerships And Alliances Blog post

A conversation between Dede Haas and Peter Simoons Dede Haas, channel sales strategist and coach, and Peter Simoons, executive coach and alliance mentor, have known each other for quite some […]

That's all!

That's all!