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Less is more Blog post

A few weeks ago I decided to walk the Camino Portugues; from Porto in Portugal to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. I had already reserved these weeks in my schedule […]

Even after 10 years less is still more … Blog post

10 years ago I officially closed the door of my corporate life behind me. I started on the unknown journey of being an independent entrepreneur. These 10 years have been […]

Is Less More? Blog post

It is mid-summer, and many people are on vacation. My schedule has no external meetings, only many phone conversations, and an enormous task list. It is beautiful weather, and I […]

What unexpected lessons the Camino has for you Blog post

“You can leave the Camino, but the Camino will never leave you.”

How doing less can lead to better results Blog post

On the Camino to Santiago de Compostela back in 2013, I walked 900 km in 28 days. This weekend I just returned from walking 275 km on the Camino in […]

3 leadership lessons from a 900km walk Blog post

In April and May 2013, I walked 900km (560ml) through Spain, on the Camino to Santiago de Compostela. It is in this city in North West Spain where the remains of […]

My top 7 lessons as an entrepreneur Blog post

I am about to reach my three-year point as a full time entrepreneur. Three years ago around this time I was in the middle of the process of leaving the […]

Three more C’s for Strategic Alliances Blog post

In the blog post “The three C’s of Alliances” I elaborated on the need to have Collaboration, Communication and Coordination in place. I cross-posted that blog post to the LinkedIn […]

Customer relationships, now more than ever. Blog post

We are writing April 1988 and I am having my first job interview for a sales job. The sales manager interviewing me is opening the discussion about sales with the […]

Tip 4: Be clear on the roles and responsibilities Blog post

Relationships are often taken for granted. We expect relationships to run by themselves without really a need for management, but successful relationships are hard work, regardless of the type of […]

Functional mapping in alliance management relationships Blog post

Do all the stakeholders in your alliances know who their counterparts are? Functional peer mapping can help make it clear to everyone involved. At the end of our alliance management […]

Ensure a Three-Way Value Proposition Blog post

Tip 4: Ensure a Three-Way Value Proposition In an ideal world, altruism or selflessness – the capacity for doing something without expectation of anything in return except for the sheer […]

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That's all!