In many professions it is mandatory to stay current on your skills. In the Airline industry for instance, cockpit and cabin crew need to follow an annual training in order to stay current. It is a healthy habit that we as regular passengers normally won’t notice. However, in case of an emergency, when the crew needs those skills, we oh so appreciate them for being current. It is all about safety, and safety defines part of our experience as a customer and the success of an airliner.

There are also many professions where staying current is not mandated. These professions might not be about security or health related, and from that perspective there is no need to mandate constant improvement. For many professionals it can as such be a challenge to stay current in their profession. Other tasks will often receive priority over self improvement. Still, also those professions will benefit from regular efforts to maintain and refresh skills and gain new insights.

In our own alliance profession there is no mandate to stay current. As such, alliance professionals might risk to continue doing as they always do. You probably know the quote about that? “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

You will get new and improved results when you work on your skills. It can be done in several ways, for instance through these weekly updates. This column is a way to help you rethink your alliances. Some instances will resonate more than others. It is mostly one-way traffic: I write, you read and you hopefully start to think about it and apply some of my tips. Some of you provide me with feedback. That feedback comes in the form of questions or statements. The Dutch are sometimes a bit more direct with their feedback and also tell me what they didn’t like. That is good too, it will help me to stay sharp in my columns.

You have probably noticed that October is the month in which the Alliance Mastermind started. It is a new group coaching program for alliance managers. A program designed to help you to stay current and gain new insights that you can apply to improve your alliance results. The program is a two-way program through its online discussion and monthly group calls. In other words, it is an interactive program; the next best way to work with a coach beyond one-on-one coaching.

Remember, registering for this new program to improve your results is at its best in October. Read more and act now!

To your improved results!