Today it is already the first of October! An exciting day for me, as we are signing the contract for our new house; a small farmhouse in the Eastern part of the Netherlands. The house comes with an old orchard with apple, pear and prune trees, hopefully good for a large fruit harvest in the years to come. The soon to be released kitchen area, equipped with a wood burning oven, will become the warm and cozy heart of our new home. A new endeavor for us, that also demands for some new skills to be learned in both the home improvement and gardening areas.

Alliance Mastermind

Today also marks the start of another exciting development: the kick off of the Alliance Mastermind. In my coaching, I mostly work one-on-one or with teams and I have noticed that this format of guidance is not within reach for everyone. With the Alliance Mastermind, I have created a group coaching program for you to enable everyone to learn about alliances, and to improve their alliance skills.

The year-long program consists of 12 group coaching calls that will cover topics of relevance for the daily life of both new and experienced alliance managers. These are topics like:

  • Partner selection or partner assessment?
  • The alliance value proposition
  • Designing the governance structure
  • The essentials of an alliance contract
  • Continuously improving your alliance

The group calls will be held on a monthly basis and in a format allowing you easily to participate live. If you can’t make it to a call, or if you want to watch it again, then there will be recordings available. As part of the Alliance Mastermind you will also have free access to eBooks, tools and templates and you will have the opportunity to discuss challenges and share ideas with your alliance management peers.

Participation leads to results and here are some of the results you can expect:

  • New and improved alliance skills, leading to better alliances
  • Answers to your questions and solutions for your challenges
  • New insights from alliance managers in other industries
  • Networking with like-minded people that might result in new opportunities

The Alliance Mastermind is available as of Today! For more detailed information follow this link.