“I’m moving on
I’ve been hanging around too long
It’s time I was moving on”

Moving onThese are a few lines of Gary Moore’s song “Moving On”, where he sings about how he has been hanging around too long and it is time for him to be moving on.

There is a parallel between the lyrics of the song and many aspects of business life. Every alliance or partnership will reach a point of transition: the point where it is time to transform or innovate the partnership or the point where it is time to move on.

But when is it really time to move on and to exit an existing collaboration? Like with many questions in alliances and partnerships it depends on your specific situation and the options you have.

As such it is an example of an excellent question that you can discuss with your peers in an Alliance Mastery Mastermind group. The facilitated group meetings will enable you to brainstorm about the best next steps for your situation in the safe and confidential environment of the Mastermind.

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