More than a book: Be The Media

Late november of last year I attended a presentation by David Mathison in Amsterdam. David has a background amongst others as an entrepreneur, as the founder and CEO of Kinecta and he spent time in the media industry while he was VP of Global Syndication at Reuters. The presentation was about his latest book: Be The Media. Well, book? it is more than just that, it is on one side a whole brand as under the same brand David publishes an internet radio show through Blog Talk Radio.

BE THE MEDIA | Buy The Book!On the other side the book is also more than just a book. It is a 500+ page manual for everybody who wants to express his/her message to the world. Whether you are a singer, blogger, podcaster, filmmaker, rock band, Be The Media helps you express your message. The title already says a bit, it indeed helps you to Be the media instead of use the existing media. Advantages of this approach are clear, per item sold you will earn more and especially when it comes to right management you will be in control of your own intellectual property.

The manual style of the book makes it very useful. Best way to use it is to read it once, or browse through the chapters so that you know what is where and then keep it within reach while you are your media and use it as you would use any other manual.

The chapters include chapters on how to create and promote your blog, how to self-publish a book, how to make music and many more how to chapters, including on podcasts, radio shows and film production. It is however not only about “how to”, also many chapters provide an in-depth background for instance on licensing or how the music industry works. One chapter is used to tell you all about the options Creative Commons offers and highlights the differences between copyright and other options to protect and share your material.

Highly recommended when you are serious about your presence on the web. When interested you can find more information about the book and place your order here.

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