Leadership and critique; learning from television

The television shows an episode of the great British program MasterChef. In this episode John Torode and Gregg Wallace test three amateurs on their capabilities to become a Chef. They know how to drive the amateur cooks to deliver astounding good results. In the mean time John and Gregg compliment their candidate master chefs in an excellent way. They share their critique in a such a positive way that candidates are automatically challenged to deliver better next time based upon their open honest critique. The episode shown on the television now is the 2009 final, so from that perspective there will be no next time to deliver better next time within the context of this show. However weather the candidates are a winner or not I am sure every single one of them will come out stronger from this program and with a lot of positive advise for future cooking.

It made me think of leadership in organizations and the way in many organizations critique is shared. Unfortunately many times critique in business is a lot lesser constructive than the way John and Gregg deliver their critique in MasterChef. From the perspective of a management lesson this should be a must watch for business leaders!