Just a week to go: how to follow and respond.

Just a week to go before departure. Exiting times and my todo list is slowly diminishing. This morning I made another practice walk with full gear. Now I concentrated mostly on packing the backpack or maybe better said balancing the pack. This still was on my list as it makes a big difference how the backpack is packed in how it feels when wearing. Properly packed and carried the weight of a full pack more or less disappears while wearing. And that works out pretty well. So now that’s sorted out it can be crossed off from the todo list.

Last week I have also updated this website in order to include location information in my posts. As I will be posting from my iPad the built in GPS can tag my posts with my exact location. You will now be able to see my location on a map underneath every post and hence will make it easier to follow my progress. See the example below, yet still showing the location of my backyard 🙂

While I am walking my email will be handled by my assistant and I will only be allowed to respond to urgent situations that will be forwarded to me. So if you have any questions on my posts or progress in the Camino please post them here on this site in response to my articles. I will try to update almost daily (when internet connection allows) and hence will see all comments and questions also regularly.