I was out early that morning, April 2013. The weather was warm and after about 11 kilometers of walking, it was time for my first break. I looked around and I saw an inspiring landscape. I took a photo: not knowing at that moment what an important role this photo would have in the years to come. 

Since the very first presentation after returning from that Camino, I have used the photo in every presentation and Masterclass as the opening slide. The reason is that there are many parallels between walking the Camino and creating and managing alliances: both are a journey. As such the photo serves as a great conversation opener.  

The photo shows a landscape with a horizon where the green fields seem to merge with the blue skies. When we get closer to the horizon, our view changes and what we will find behind the horizon… we can only guess. In alliances we have that as well: there is a view of where we are heading to, but we don’t know what’s behind that horizon. Competition, economy, difficulties with our partners, these are just a few elements that can force us to adjust our plans. Maybe we have to take one of the side roads in the business landscape behind the horizon to reach our goals. We need to be prepared for the unknown and the unexpected and be willing and flexible to adjust to achieve the alliance success we‘re aiming for.

What is behind the horizon of your journey, are you ready to adjust?


PS: You now know my opening slide for the Alliance Masterclass, have you already registered your participation?