How strategic are your alliances?

The moment we talk about alliances between organizations we often in one breath call it “strategic alliances”. Rightfully so many alliances organizations establish are strategic by nature, they are often critical for a company’s success. That criticality shows in many different ways, for one it is the leverage to grow the company for another it is the way to most effectively develop new products and for some it is a way to enter markets they never could have entered alone.

Given the strategic importance of alliances companies often bring press releases to make the audience aware. Even though in many cases it is only the start of the alliance and success has yet to be proven. Over on The Alliance Conversation is a summary of new alliances announced this week. When looking into the background of the companies that announced alliances only a very few make room for their alliance partners on their website. In the pages that describe the company vision and mission are often mentioned, organizations write about their growth plans and their strategies. Rarely however they mention strategic alliances as an important instrument to grow the company. It makes me wonder, how strategic are alliances really for these companies?

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