Best practices should lead to proven results. This will save you time and money and it will lead to healthier alliances with your partners. When working with such a group of healthy alliance partners, you can easily discover new opportunities to generate even more money together.

I can almost hear you think that you recently read an article from me about the fact that there is no recipe for guaranteed success. Now you are reading about guaranteed results! I still stand fully for that position in the recent article. There is no recipe for guaranteed success. However, it is proven that there are ingredients that every alliance needs for healthy results. Applying those ingredients will lead you to almost guaranteed results.

You can use these proven ingredients in your alliances and follow them like a kind of roadmap. No need to reinvent the wheel, or to re-discover the road ahead. These ingredients are already known and documented. Such a roadmap is what we call “the Alliance Lifecycle process”. Undoubtedly you’ve read about the 80% rule of alliance success: 80% of the companies that follow a structured approach (the alliance lifecycle) create successful results with their strategic alliances. A good reason to apply a structured approach!

There are several ways to learn more about the Alliance Lifecycle. You can read about it, and there are many excellent books written about how to achieve the best alliance results. Perhaps the easiest way is to participate in the all new Alliance Mastermind, a group coaching program for alliance managers like you.

The results you can expect from the Alliance Mastermind include:

  • New and improved alliance skills,
  • Better alliance results,
  • Answers to your questions,
  • New insights from alliance managers in other industries,
  • The discovery of new opportunities.

Check it out through this link and discover if the Alliance Mastermind is for you. Be aware though: the special money saving introductory offer is at its best in October!