In response to the weekly newsletter one reader wrote to me last week with a question about governance. The reader had to prepare a short presentation about governance and asked if I could recommend interesting articles or publications. I thought that it might be helpful for other readers of this newsletter too, to share the same information I shared on governance.

The first element that came to mind in answering the question was the recent book by Tjemkes, Vos and Burgers on Strategic Alliance Management. It was an obvious one to come to mind as I just reached the point in the book where they write about governance.

The second one is a whitepaper by Ard-Pieter de Man and Nadine Roijakkers Alliance Governance: Balancing Control and Trust in Dealing with Risk? It is a whitepaper we always highlight in our alliance workshops and that is worth reading, and sometimes re-reading.

The third I shared is a publication by Jeff Shuman and Jan Twombly of Rhythm of Business with the challenging title Alliance Governance: Helpful or Hurtful?

The combination of these three publications were helpful for the reader to prepare for her presentation and might be helpful for you too when preparing for governance. I have added links to all three of them to the Alliance Mastery reading list here on the website.

Have a great week!