Google and NSA teaming up

The Washington Post brought on Thursday in an article the news about Google and the NSA (National Security Agency) teaming up to have the NSA help Google investigate “a corporate espionage attack that may have originated in China“.

When we talk about alliances we normally use the word alliance for long term efforts benefiting both parties and creating a result that the parties can not easily achieve alone. Often the parties go into an alliance for the long term. Here we are seeing an interesting form of a public-private partnership. It is yet unclear what the benefit for the NSA would be, obvious Google is bringing in skills they do not have themselves, they could probably try to hire these, but the fact is that the end result can not be easily reached alone.

The focus of the cooperative venture would not be to determine who was behind the attacks, the Post quoted its sources as saying. That would be nearly impossible. Instead the aim is to build a better defense of Google’s networks, or what technicians call “information assurances,” the Post quoted sources as saying.