Teamwork and Collaboration require good communication
Collaboration requires good communication

Many times when alliances or partnerships fail it is caused by some form of miscommunication. Either people are not transparent about their intentions or they simply think that they have been clear in their communication or they take things for granted; these are just a few elements where communication is causing alliance failure.

On the other hand good communication can make alliances and partnerships flourish. All stakeholders are on board, internal in the own organization and external with the partner, and the alliance thrives. Good communication is an essential element for alliance success.

But what is good communication?

Over the past few weeks I have published two books in the Amazon Kindle store: “Successful Partnerships & Strategic Alliances” and “The 4-step guide to successful partner selection”. A third one will follow shortly. All three are Kindle versions of earlier publications.

The fourth book will be completely new and will be about “communication in strategic business relationships”. There is no title yet, this is the working title. The intention is to highlight the do’s and don’ts of good communication in strategic business relationships, like alliances and partnerships.

I am kicking off the research for this new book right now and I would like to ask for your help. I am looking for experience and examples, anecdotes so you will, of good and bad communication: how did it help or hurt your relationship? What did work and what did not work?

Please share your experience and tips in the comments, or send me an email! Let me know if you are available for an interview when relevant for the book writing process.