Friday musings: partnerships everywhere

Friday evening again, time to watch my favorite television program, actually the only one I will free up time for: Top Gear. It is always a show filled with great humor and great cars. It also always a nice moment to sit back, relax and ponder about the past week. In this episode it seemed that James, Richard and Jeremy were actually working together. In a nice example of collaboration they designed and built their own electrical car. The car was a disaster, but the collaboration was there, James was for once not nicknamed to be “captain slow” by Jeremy and in a true partnership they delivered a joint result. Of course they normally are working very closely together and it is just part of the show that they seem to be doing the opposite.

And there I am again, watching a television show and still thinking about collaboration and partnering. It looks a bit like Mike Nevin described in the episode of The Alliance Conversation where he was my guest, telling the listeners that he sees partnership opportunities everywhere. Maybe it is simply time for me to close the lid of the laptop, sit back and relax, watch the nice cars they present enjoy the great humor, leaving partnerships and networking for what it is for a moment.

Enjoy your weekend!

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