Friday musings: it all comes together

There are those days and weeks that it all makes sense, you see that it all comes together. This week I had a pretty full schedule with conversations with many great people and it seemed that every conversation was building upon the last one.

One of those conversations is one I will be sharing with you, the conversation with Jan Twombly that will be published in the weekly Alliance Conversation podcast. Here you will hear Jan talk about Alliances and Collaborative Networks and how management of networks is different from a hierarchical management structure. A network needs a choreographer to guide the network and ensure that the resources of the network are being directed to achieving the networks purpose, but also achieving the individuals interests. Another parallel that comes up in this conversation is the parallel between alliances and social networking and how these may blend over time. On Tuesday this remarkable episode of The Alliance Conversation will go live.

This particular example of the conversation is only one of the many I had this week that all reaffirm that the strategy for Simoons & Company is the right one. Focussing on helping organizations in the areas of Strategic Alliances and Social Media, making organizations aware of the how and why of both instruments to accelerate the execution of an organization’s strategy. How symbolic can it be that after such a week tonight will be the official, belated, farewell dinner with my previous employer?

Have a great weekend!