In alliances and partnerships we need to read many documents, from contracts to business plans and more. This reading consumes a lot of our time, often in favor of other important activities, or even worse, at the expense of quality time with our loved ones. Wouldn’t it be great if you could read your material in half the time without adversely affecting your comprehension of the text?

Thanks to my new partnership with MTcompany, I can now help you accomplish that, and even more. The MTcompany e-Learning Speed Reading Program consists of 4 modules of 30 minutes each. Within this space of only two hours you can double your reading speed and raise your comprehension levels by an average of 154%. Measurements taken 3 months after the course show that over time reading speed increases even more, to an average of 2.6 times faster.

By using this method, you need less time to read your material, which means you have more time available for other important activities and for your loved ones!

As said my latest partnership is with MTcompany, which allows me to offer you the opportunity to learn to read faster and more effective. Read all about the Speed Reading course and how to sign up at

2 Responses to “How fast do you read?”

  1. A helpful suggestion Peter, but how about this one.

    If we trusted our partners more then we wouldn’t need to read (or write) all those documents in the first place.

    Maybe I am just being naive.

    There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all ~ Peter Drucker

    Lots of helpful tips in your blog


    • Thanks James, I agree, trust is essential as a foundation for a partnership. It is good to build your partnerships on trust. As changing the existing world will take a bit longer, being able to read faster will still be helpful as it will help to free up time for more fun loving things.
      Do like the Drucker quote!
      Enjoy your Sunday!