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Dragos Florin Roua (edragonu on twitter) runs a nice blog, with most recently a series of articles about “The Making Of An Online Business“. The latest article from yesterday is about Partnerships. In this article Dragos provides us with a nice warm overview about the importance of partnerships in creating a business.

Keeping the old individualistic approach of “I’m the best in my field” won’t work anymore. Because you can’t be the best in your field anymore. You can only offer a slightly more interesting perspective than your competition, and even that only for a limited time.

Also Dragos includes some warnings about the nature of partnerships and the associated risks.

A partnership is a relaxed walk on a very tight edge, and you can suddenly walk on thin air if you’re not paying attention.

A nice read about partnerships as part of a nice series of articles about starting a business.

via The Making Of An Online Business – Partnerships.

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