Alone in the positionIt has been said before: collaboration with outside parties is now more important than ever before. More and more people are starting to understand this and more often alliances are created to grow businesses.

However, there still is a high failure rate connected to alliances. Many companies understand that they need to collaborate, but they fail to make their partnerships successful. The reasons for this are most of the time preventable and often they point back to the lack of proper understanding of alliances. The companies that do understand how to partner successfully will be the ones that thrive in their business.

In the recent episode of the Collaborative Business Podcast John Bell highlights why it is important to free up a (part of a) person in organizations to build up competences about alliances and how this investment in a person will easily translate back into a positive return on investment.

When you are in that alliance role, you are in a great place as it will be the key position for your company’s future growth! However, it is also a double edged sword, as it can be a lonely position. You are often alone in this position, or one of a few, and you are becoming a specialist in an unique area.

So, where is that mentor that will challenge and support you to ensure your alliance success? 
The one who understands alliances and who has been in your role?

Work with me in the 1 on 1 alliance mentoring program!

In this 12 month mentoring program we will closely work together to ensure your personal success that enables your company’s success with alliances. In the program we will work on elements like:

  • Your alliance- or partner plan
  • Your personal development plan to enhance your relevant skills
  • Partner profiling and acquisition
  • Managing stakeholders (internal and external)
  • Communication, both structured and ad-hoc
  • Setting and executing a governance structure
  • Measuring progress
  • Alliance execution

The program starts with a regular call schedule to work on your personal growth in alliance- and partner management. In addition, I will be both your sounding board and accountability partner: you can check in with me any time you like and I will check in with you frequently.

As part of the 12 month mentoring program you will also gain access to an online membership area containing education modules, white papers and tools to support your skills development.

This type of mentoring will boost your (and your company’s) performance with alliances and as such it will ask for your commitment to dedicate sufficient time and effort to fuel that boost. On the other hand, it will equally be an intensive guidance for me. Hence I only can work with a limited number of mentees per year.

If you want to move forward and make 2015 your success year in your alliances and partnerships, then act fast and click here to contact me for your free, non-committal, introduction call! In this call we will explore if we are the right match and how we can work together.

No commitments so far, only when we agree that we are a good fit the real work will start: we will discuss the administrative logistics and setup our regular call schedule. We’ll get started to make 2015 your best year yet!