CBP-56: Stakeholder engagement with Elke Jeurissen and Cato Léonard

CBP-56: Stakeholder engagement with Elke Jeurissen and Cato LéonardWe need to be aware of the fact that it is a learning by doing process”, those are the parting words of Elke Jeurissen in this conversation. Cato Léonard adds to that that we need courageous managers to create successful collaborations with other partners. External collaborations are often outside of our comfort zone, yet that is were we need to go to create successful collaborations that open new roads.

Elke and Cato are partners in Glassroots, a Belgium company that is fully focused on stakeholder engagement. As it is said on their website: “Stakeholder engagement is all about achieving a shared goal, through shared responsibilities and sharp selection of the right stakeholders for your projects.”

That is also the topic of this episode of the Collaborative Business Podcast. With examples of their recent project for the City of Antwerp and examples of other projects Elke and Cato highlight the importance of stakeholder engagement.

Tune into the audio only version or watch the video version below.


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Website: glassroots.com

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