CBP-5: “Combining work and travel” with Natalie Sisson

When reading the title of this episode, “combining work and travel”, you would almost think that my guest of today is in the etravel industry. However, nothing is further from the truth: Natalie Sisson is the “Suitcase Entrepreneur”. Natalie combines her work with a traveling life, living out of her suitcase.

At the moment of recording this interview I had been following Natalie online for about six or seven months and had seen her spending time in the USA, Canada, Vietnam, Thailand and the USA again. Seeing a successful entrepreneur building a personal brand, doing business and combining it all with traveling the world, made me wonder how she does it. In my view that can only be done with the help of a team and other types of collaborations. Hence I invited Natalie to be my guest and to share her story.

In today’s episode we dive into the juggling art of combining business with a traveling life. When listening to Natalie Sisson, you might discover that it is less of a magical juggling task than it at first sight might seem.

Listen and learn how Natalie creates freedom in business and adventure in life (and can help you do the same): enjoy this episode!

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