CBP-43 - Collaboration in Construction with Tim FitchIn this episode of the Collaborative Business Podcast I am in conversation with Tim Fitch. Tim is one of the directors of Invennt, a UK based specialist in construction business consultancy. This conversation highlights the collaboration in the construction world.

Tune in to hear Tim share:

  • His definition of collaboration: how businesses can create more value and manage risk better across the contractual boundary,
  • What BS11000 is and how it helps to enhance the speed and quality of collaboration,
  • Why collaboration is very much about behaviors and leadership and why especially leadership is essential,
  • How working with Crossrail learned Tim the most about doing collaboration right,
  • Why Leadership, Governance and Culture are essential elements for collaboration,
  • Why selecting partners need to be done very carefully,
  • Why collaboration is a high level skill that is the next step up in terms of creating value.


Books mentioned in this episode:

Connect with Tim Fitch:

Website: invennt.com
Twitter: @TimRFitch

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