CBP22 - York ZucchiYork Zucchi is a Swiss entrepreneur who first worked all around the world and then moved to Africa to build Hello Healthcare.

Hello Healthcare is a group that is trying to make a difference in people’s lives by tweaking how primary healthcare services are delivered in Africa. Hello Healthcare provides healthcare institutions, other service providers, healthcare professionals, businesses and governments with access to integrated end-to-end primary healthcare services.

Collaboration is essential for Hello Healthcare to enable them to build their business in Africa. Without collaboration it would be impossible to understand the local elements, which are essential to provide healthcare services in the countries of Africa.

Tune in to episode 22 of the Collaborative Business Podcast and hear York share his experiences and lessons while collaborating in Africa.

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Connect with York Zucchi:
Twitter: @yzp

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2 Responses to “CBP-22: Building a Healthcare business in Africa with York Zucchi”

  1. Roelf

    York, very good work you’re doing in Africa. Please let us know if we can help. We’re lancing international healthcare pass, so people can be more aware and responsible on their own. More you’ll find on our website http://www.gezondheidpaspoort.nl. Also Englisch brochure available, see my LinkedIn account.