August is coming ….

It is almost August, which means that you have only two days left to benefit from the special 25% off pre-sale price for the Alliance Mastery self-study. On August 1 the self-study will be fully available and the pre-sale will be over. So grab your chance while you still can and order here now. As you may remember: the self-study is a new joint development between Simoons & Company and Phoenix Consulting Group helping the participant to prepare for the CA-AM professional certification exam. This self-study system is set up in a similar model as our classroom workshops. It follows exactly the same outline and uses the same scenarios. There will be no live interaction like in a classroom; this is bridged by the use of weekly group coaching calls and online discussion groups. There is more information and the opportunity to order here on this website.

August also means vacation time, especially in Europe. Coming Saturday is what they call Black Saturday (“samedi noir”) in France. It is one of the busiest days on the French high ways with many kilometers of traffic jam as France is going on vacation and so are lots of other Europeans. In August half of Europe will probably not be thinking of business and use their time to enjoy vacation.

Also for me in August there is time to re-energize and spend less time with a business focus. There is a good chance that in August the Alliance weekly newsletter will skip a week or maybe even two and the daily blog posts will become a bit irregular. Rest assured, by the end of August it will all be back to a regular schedule.

The blog may by then also already be strengthened by some guest bloggers. At the moment I am working with two potential guest bloggers who will write about their view on particular strategic alliance topics. There is room for some more guest bloggers. So if you are interested in being a guest blogger on my website then drop me an email and we can discuss.

For now remember to benefit from the pre-sale price and quickly click here to order your self-study for the CA-AM exam!

Have a great week!

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