Alliance Mastery Workshop

The in-house Alliance Mastery Workshops will prepare your teams for certification or will establish one common language and way of working among the people working with, or involved in, strategic alliances. The two-day workshop has its focus on team problem solving within the context of case study scenarios, simulating the situations alliance managers face everyday, and challenging participants to apply what they know.


Participant profile

The workshop is designed for alliance and business managers, who are involved in the [decision making] process of creating and managing alliances. Previous participants included amongst others Directors and VP’s of Alliances, General Managers, Operation Managers, Alliance Managers, Marketing Managers and Business Owners.

The Alliance Mastery Workshops are available for in-house delivery and will be tailored to your company’s specific needs.



Think about whether you really have set yourself up for success with your alliances. Do all stakeholders follow a clearly defined path? This workshop helps a lot to professionalize the Alliances team and create a common framework for everybody to use.Tobias Nittel - Director Alliances SAS Institute


Key benefits

  • Understand what an alliance is and where and how creating alliances or partnerships can be used in your organization.
  • Create a common way of working among the people working with alliances and partnerships.
  • Learn how to effectively manage alliances and partnerships, how to build trust and stakeholder alignment and how to measure progress.
  • Build a partner selection criteria model ensuring strategic fit, ability to execute, and creation of value in the partnership.
  • Pragmatically apply best practices and tools to alliances and partnerships in your own organization.
  • Refresh your skills before applying for your professional certification examination.


Peter is a very experienced and effective alliance consultant across many industry segments with broad knowledge of deriving incremental value between partners and throughout all facets of business (commercial, supply chain, etc). Peter is very personable, responsive, and has been a pleasure to work with.Graham Mott - Sr. Director M&A Philips Health & Wellness


The format

The Alliance Mastery Workshop is in an interactive format design so that participants apply best practices and principles to alliance management situations and choose the best course of action in solving a difficult situation.Partnership Optimization Workshop

This workshop is based on the skills and competencies determined by the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) as critical to the success of collaborative business relationships. These competencies are tested in the ASAP certifications: CA-AM and CSAP. The intent of our workshop is to develop and hone the skills of the alliance professional and sponsoring executives; however, those wishing to pursue certification will have the benefit of a strong overview of the skills necessary to attain these valuable credentials.

During the workshop, we review concepts and models of alliance management and discuss the case scenarios to draw out the experiential learning from the participants. We will integrate discussion of the actual alliances of the participants where possible.


Sample outline Alliance Mastery Workshops

This outline is an example of an outline as it can be used for the one day in-house Alliance Mastery Workshop

8:30: Welcome and Introductions

– What are Alliances?

– Alliance specific strategy

– Partner analysis and selection

– Building trust & creating value

12:00: Lunch

12:45: – 45 min – guest speaker to share experiences

– Operational planning

– Alliance structuring & Governance

– Launching & Management

– Transform, Innovate, Exit

17:45: Closing


More info

Contact me to discuss how we can tailor an Alliance Mastery Workshop for your company.



Very useful training – makes alliance managers of every level of experience think about how to do things better and with more systematic reflection.Michael Kaschke - Alliance Director Reckitt Benckiser
I attended the Strategic Alliance training provided by Peter as a preparation for the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals CA-AM examination. This training was very thorough, highly interactive and provided an excellent basis for my later success in the examination.Ian Rothery - Managing Director FitchSolutions
I experienced Peter as an excellent and accessible trainer with expertise in alliance management, extremely helpful to trainees and as a gentle and warm person.Hans Ulrich Reitzel - Associate Consultant Integral