Achieve your alliance certification before summer!

“Very useful training – makes alliance managers of every level of experience think about how to do things better and with more systematic reflection.”

That was a quote I received last Friday on the evaluation form of one of the attendees of the CA-AM Alliance Mastery workshop. You can imagine that I am happy with feedback like that. The workshop was with a great group of people from FMCG and IT industries with a diverse background. As mostly happens also this time that led to interesting discussions during the workshop, where the participants were not only learning from the theory provided but also from each other’s experience and viewpoints.

The past week I also scheduled one more open enrollment workshop before summer vacation really kicks in here in Europe. On 11 july an Alliance Mastery workshop will be held in Heidelberg, Germany (click for details). How about you grabbing this opportunity to achieve your alliance certification before leaving on your well deserved vacation? In case you can’t make it but know a friend who should be there, please forward them this page!