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How to Become a Trusted Leader Blog post

Trust is an important cornerstone for successful collaborations. I’ve written about this topic a few times in the past. In his book “Trusted Leader”, David Horsager takes the topic to […]

Trust or Control? “My CEO Wants a Joint Venture” Blog post

“My CEO wants a Joint Venture” is one of many quotes (or similar) that I often hear when  in conversations with potential clients. The desire for this form of partnership […]

Trust in Alliances Blog post

Trust is an essential element for building and managing alliances and partnerships. But what is trust, and can you measure trust? In this fireside chat Anoop and Peter talk about […]

Trust, Alliances and Culture Blog post

Trust is an essential element for building and maintaining successful alliances. With a higher level of trust between the partners every alliance will have a bigger chance of succeeding.  As […]

Can we do business with the speed of Trust? Blog post

Monday morning, May 15, 2018, 6am in the Netherlands: the moment this newsletter was delivered to your inbox. In about three hours I will be landing in Singapore. After touch […]

We don’t need a contract, we need trust Blog post

Can you have a successful collaboration without trust? I mean any collaboration: with another company, with a colleague, inside a team, with your boss or with your subordinates. Can these […]

Business collaboration based on trust or control? Blog post

Back in the Stone Age, when we used to live in caves and we had to fight the outer world to survive, would you have been able to survive on […]

Leadership, Trust and Communication Blog post

Leadership, Trust, and Communication are inseparably connected in a continuous catch-22: one cannot go without the other. Together they are the essential cornerstones for successful collaboration; we need all three […]

Can we build relationships without trust? Blog post

Trust is an essential element for building and maintaining relationships. Collaboration will be hard, if not impossible, without trust. Last week I wrote about soft skills for strategic alliances and […]

3 elements to build trust Blog post

“Trust comes on foot, 
but leaves on horseback” This quote about trust is attributed to Johan Thorbecke, the Dutch politician who was responsible for our first constitution in 1848. It […]

Trust or Control? Blog post

Recently, I had two situations in coaching engagements with customers where control was getting in the way of the development of a potential alliance. In one of the cases, the […]

Will 2010 be the year of trust? Blog post

It is amazing how often I run into the subject of trust lately. Will 2010 be the year of trust?

That's all!

That's all!