Your Smart Guide To Increased Alliance Results

This spring, my colleague Anoop Nathwani and I will organize a number of Alliance Masterclasses in the UK and in the Netherlands.

These classes are the open enrollment version of the proven in-company Alliance Masterclass. The class provides you with practical tools and techniques to establish successful alliances and partnerships. Tools and techniques that you can start applying immediately after the class to increase the results of your alliances and partnerships. Additionally, the class helps you to create one common language and way of working within your alliance teams.

What you will learn:

  • The Basics of Alliances & Partnerships;
  • How to apply Alliances & Partnerships to your business & increase results;
  • How the Alliance Lifecycle can help you manage healthy Alliances & Partnerships;
  • How to adapt everything you learn to your needs;
  • How to determine and select the right partner;
  • Work through case studies and discover possible solutions that suit your situation;
  • Determine the essential roles in Alliances & Partnerships;
  • Establish the key factors for successful alliances.

This masterclass is designed for you: the alliance and business manager who is involved in the process of creating and managing alliances. Previous participants included amongst others Directors and VP’s of Alliances, General Managers, Operation Managers, Alliance Managers, Marketing Managers and Business Owners.

When was the last time you allocated time for your alliance education? Are you going to be part of one of these next Masterclasses? Then remember to register quickly!

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In this Alliance Masterclass you will learn to apply the skills and tools that will help you to create and manage healthy alliances & partnerships with increased results.